XLeague launch list

Network gaming as spectator sport is finally taking a stand in the UK, as XLEAGUE.TV will be the UK’s first "dedicated eSports entertainment television channel".
Today they released the list for what games will feature in their leagues and tournaments, so those who think they got the skillz to pay the billz can start brushing up.
The website is already live, and the TV channel is planned to launch soon on Sky.

Click for the list
XBOX 360
1. Pro Evolution Soccer 6 (Published by Konami)
2. Rainbow Six: Vegas (Published by Ubisoft)
3. Project Gotham Racing 3 (Published by Microsoft)
4. Gears of War (Published by Microsoft)
5. Halo 2 (Published by Microsoft)
6. Dead or Alive 4 (Published by Microsoft)

7. Resistance: Fall of Man (Published by SCEA)
8. Motorstorm (Published by SCEA)

9. Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars (Published by EA)
10. Quake 4 (Published by Activision)

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