New Gears of War maps

Some extra cogs have been added to the war machine today in the form of some new multiplayer maps for Microsoft's Gears of War.
The map pack, called "Hidden Fronts" offers four new maps to add to the online action....

'Bullet Marsh' places you in a Kryll infested swamp with a vulnerable generator powering the lights that keep them at bay.
"Garden" is a conservatory area that requires you to vent the air in the greenhouse to prevent it's life threatening pesticide system from becoming a hazard to your health.
"Process" Pits teams against each other for control of an old imulsion processing plant, and
"Subway" is a regular old subway... but crawling with locusts.

The maps are available via Xbox Live for the price of 800 Microsoft points, that is until the 3rd of September, after which time they'll be available for free.

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