Thursday, 3 May 2007

IBM chip breakthrough

A new computer chip developed by IBM is set to take processor technology forward using a process called "self assembly". Once again industry steals from one of mother earth's many patents as self assembly is a phenomenon that occurs in nature, and is responsible for the formation of seashells, snowflakes, and the enamel on teeth....

The process is used to create trillions of nano-sized holes, which will hurtle
lots of lovely little electrons that flow inside the chip.

The chips will run faster, and... jump higher than current technology with a 15% smaller power consumption.
Apparently we can expect to see them in mobile phones, computers, games consoles, and a plethora of other devices old people are known to have trouble with. It's believed this technology will drive chip-kind forward by two generations of Moore's law, and if you don't know what that is I can't be bother to explain.
Bye bye for now.

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