Friday, 4 May 2007

Spider-Man 3 game swinging to a shop near you

Today the wait is finally over and wall crawler fans across the world will no doubt be donning their virtual spandex and taking up the role of Spider-Man once more, as the Spider-Man 3 game comes out on almost all the major platforms today....

building on the great elements of the game tie-in for the Spider-Man 2 movie, Spider-Man 3 features the same free-roam game play style but this time with a much larger city to explore. Not only do you get the chance to websling through the city heights, but also the sewers and subways as 3 new rival gangs and a host of Spidey super-villians all want a piece of New York City.

The famous black suit finally makes it's way into the story, and players will get a chance to harness it's greater strength, agility, and durability. Of course you don't just get to have all this power at no cost to the tax payer! As time goes on the suit becomes harder and herder to control, but I'm sure nobody's thinking that far ahead right now.

Also seeing a big change is the fight system, which has been re-built from the ground up, allowing you to do a flurry of newer and more advanced attacks, which you'll need to take down the smarter enemies with their revamped AI.

But enough of all this talk! My virtual slacks are on, and I now leave to play my own role as Spider-Man on the Xbox 360!
The game is available on all major platforms, though the PS3 version has been delayd for release later this month.

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Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Transformers DS in 2 flavours

Today Activision announced that the DS release of the upcoming Transformers game will come in 2 versions: Autobot and Decepticon. Not so surprisingly the difference between them will be in your mission to protect - or destroy the earth, and it sounds like this will make some very interesting battles over Wifi, and player statistics comparisons will help the rest of the world decide which party is really winning this war (my money's on the Decepticons).

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Friday, 13 April 2007

Pokémon Ranger hits Europe

Finally the Europeans can now also partake in some wild Pokémon catching.
Pokemon Ranger for the Nintendo DS puts you in the role of an elite Ranger....
You use the powers of your captured Pokemon to solve problems and help people (they should really make a Pokémon game where you do the exact opposite of that!).

You control the player entirely using the DS stylus, allowing you to physically capture the Pokémon by furiously drawing a circle around them.

If you’re not carted off to some kind of rabies quarantine center after doing that, you’ll have the opportunity to capture some legendary Pokémon whose names we wouldn't dare try to pronounce. Bye bye now, and have a great weekend.

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Tuesday, 10 April 2007

A Sim City in your pocket

Announced earlier this year was Simcity for the Nintendo DS which at first glance doesn't really offer the franchise anything more than the second screen, but apparently you'll use the stylus to sign off mayoral proclamations and blow into the microphone to put out city fires (how common is this ability among real mayors?)! Now thou art truly god... mayor.
Anyway thirteen new screenshots have just been released (one of them to the right). We thought of posting more but u probably already get the idea.