Friday, 4 May 2007

Spider-Man 3 game swinging to a shop near you

Today the wait is finally over and wall crawler fans across the world will no doubt be donning their virtual spandex and taking up the role of Spider-Man once more, as the Spider-Man 3 game comes out on almost all the major platforms today....

building on the great elements of the game tie-in for the Spider-Man 2 movie, Spider-Man 3 features the same free-roam game play style but this time with a much larger city to explore. Not only do you get the chance to websling through the city heights, but also the sewers and subways as 3 new rival gangs and a host of Spidey super-villians all want a piece of New York City.

The famous black suit finally makes it's way into the story, and players will get a chance to harness it's greater strength, agility, and durability. Of course you don't just get to have all this power at no cost to the tax payer! As time goes on the suit becomes harder and herder to control, but I'm sure nobody's thinking that far ahead right now.

Also seeing a big change is the fight system, which has been re-built from the ground up, allowing you to do a flurry of newer and more advanced attacks, which you'll need to take down the smarter enemies with their revamped AI.

But enough of all this talk! My virtual slacks are on, and I now leave to play my own role as Spider-Man on the Xbox 360!
The game is available on all major platforms, though the PS3 version has been delayd for release later this month.

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Friday, 27 April 2007

Oblivion to the PS3

Over a year ago now, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion graced the PC and Xbox 360 with it's multi award winning RPG goodness, and now in the UK it's finally hit the PS3. Sometimes this sort of thing means a slightly spruced up version of the game but from what we can tell there's no newly added features, so the PS3's just playing catch-up in this case. Regardless, it's the highest rated game in Playstation Magazine UK so I'm sure the people in PS3 land are rejoicing.

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Friday, 20 April 2007

PS3 firmware getting firmer

Sony's PS3 sees a firmware upgrade, taking it to version 1.70.
The major change to it is the ability to play PSone games on the PS3 itself, rather than just your PSP. Another Major change is partial rumble support. PS 1 and 2 games will now once again tremble your loins if plug in any vibrating accessories. I would really like to make a 'seX Box' joke right now, but it's the wrong console for that!

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