Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Best PC games of all time?

In the latest issue of PC Zone Magazine the results of a poll have been released, crowning Deus Ex as the number 1 PC game of all time in the universe. The survey questioned a number of games journalists (I would have maybe preferred a consumer poll, then again I don't trust anyone's opinion) for the special feature of the 101 best PC games. We don't have em all for ya, but here are the top 10.
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1. Deus Ex
2. Half-Life 2
3. Civilization IV
4. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
5. Half-Life
6. Rome: Total War
7. System Shock 2
8. Doom
9. Battlefield 2
10. The Secret Of Monkey Island

It would be interesting to see if consumers would agree with it on the whole. While I love some of those games, I've always been one for the great games that slip by the wayside like Hardwar and Startopia, so these lists always grind my gears just a little. Maybe they are on there somewhere (they better be!)

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